“Consistency of product quality and  continuous new product development are what we are committed to”


     A professional in designing, manufacturing, and distributing of  cutlery, tableware, and hollowware items. We offer a wind variety of meticulously handmade stainless steel products, such as cutlery, trays, candle stands, and hangers, which are available in sets or individual pieces.

     Because our aim is to deliver the finest quality products with the designs that meet customers’s best expectation and satisfaction, we ensure that each and every piece of our products are handcrafted in traditional processes that require exceptional skills and patience.

     Our main factory is located in Ayuthaya, where we source and manufacture from the high grade of raw materials, to the best production of handmade stain less steel tableware and hollowware.

“At our company, quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction are and always will be our top priorities ”